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Function: Printscreen share
Description: Make a selection of an area on your screen to upload.
Key Combination: Prntscrn
Cancel Capturing: To cancel the printscreen capture process, either press the ESC key or right-click on your mouse.

Function: Clipboard share
Description: Upload an image or text from your clipboard.
Key Combination: Ctrl+Prntscrn

Function: Entire-screen share
Description: Upload a screenshot of your entire screen.
Key Combination: Alt+Prntscrn

Function: Copy entire screen
Description: Copy the entire screen to your clipboard.
Key Combination: Ctrl+Alt+Prntscrn

Function: Selection-draw
Description: Select an area on your screen and be prompted with a drawing dialog whether or not you have drawing enabled in your settings.
Key Combination: Ctrl+F12